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Meet The Team

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Ananya Chatterjee

Calcutta institute of Engineering and management, Kolkata

My interest in working with people and thus understanding their perspective motivated me to work in different NGOs.  I specially enjoy my time spent with differently-abled children and autistic children, helping them to be engaged in cultural events. I am a social media account handler and content creator at Mentorviews. 

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Aratrika Dutta

Auxilium Convent School, Kolkata, Class XII

I am a student of Science and planning to pursue my career in Biological fields. I am responsible for creating banners, posters, designing the website etc. I believe interacting directly with professionals could give us an insight on the current respective field, and thus we can make well-informed decisions before choosing a career option. I believe Mentorviews could help me to avail those options.  

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Tamoghno Rakshit

Central Modern School, Kolkata, Class X

My interest lies in Music, Travelling , Mathematics and Biology. Well, the first two helps me to concentrate and the last two makes me curious about different areas of Science and future career options. So, the innovative idea of interacting with highly ranked professionals motivated me to work with this team.

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Sayantika Neogi

Auxilium Convent School, Kolkata, Class XII

 I have joined the team as a student moderator. Pandemic has affected us in various ways but I plan something different for myself. I am trying to collect as many experiences as I can to occupy myself apart from my academics. I am yet to measure the prime interests and scopes so I am open to options and opportunities. I have worked with organization to support needy people. I believe in new experiences that sums up various perspect as a human being. Happy to be a part of the amazing team!

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