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Dr. Tanmoyita Nayak, Molecular Biologist, Germany

I am a biologist by profession working in a Biotech firm in Germany.  I have worked in different sections (Research, production, quality control, industry, academics) of biotechnology, and in the course of that, I have interacted with people from different countries and cultures. That experience helped me to gain an overall perspective on jobs, career, and life in general.  Through Mentorviews, I would like to share these stories, and reach out to as many young students as possible. 

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Dr. Arijit Sharma
Assistant Professor  Indian Institute of Technology


I am an experimental physicist by profession engaged in research and teaching at IIT Tirupati. Apart from teaching, training and mentoring students and researchers, I continue to work in different capacities through administrative positions in the academic environment. Thanks to my academic trajectory, within a short span of time, I have interacted with students from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds globally. That experience has helped me gain an overall perspective on student aspirations, ambitions and challenges concerning jobs, career, and life in general.

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I am an Electrical Engineer working in the development of semiconductor devices. The three things other than Silicon that amaze me, are life, music and people. I live the first one,  make the second one and capture the last one. In short, life is a collection of experiences that I am collecting and generating. My idea of being associated with this group is networking, and helping young generation to be prepared and aware of their career choices. 


Dr. Abhishek Ghoshal,  Wildlife Biologist, UNDP, India

I like to call myself a wildlife biologist and an avid adventure sports enthusiast. My research and job focus on ecology and conservation of rare and endangered high-altitude species like snow leopard, blue sheep, Himalayan ibex, red fox and Ladakh urial in the Indian Himalayas and Central Asia. I continue to be an admirer and student of nature, science and the unknown. With MentorViews, I would like to explore opportunities on how to get more young minds and talents excited about nature, wildlife and environment, not just as a hobby, but also as a profession.


Koushik Sasmal, Semiconductor Developer, Germany

Dr. Aswini Krishnan, Cancer Biologist, Switzerland

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