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  Interactive Webinar


Are you confused about what exactly a data scientist does? Do you think a geologist spend their entire day by studying rocks? Did you know some neurologists often utilize their time by setting the fly's sleep-cycle? We know there are thousand of questions like these in your mind. Some career choices and options that you might not even aware of, and that is the exact purpose of having these webinars.

so, join us and have a sneak-peek into their day-to-day lives !!

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Do you enjoy writing articles? Are you a science-nerd and really love your school projects? Have you recently read a book that had an impact on you? Some of you are passionate about drawing cartoons on social/educational themes as well, right?

Why hide it then? Come forward, take a step, and share with us! If we really like your contribution, we will share it on our social media pages.

We will announce the name of the top 2 winners at the end of our webinars, and of course, some prizes will be awaiting you!!!


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